Real Estate Photos

Twilight real estate photo of house exterior

I’ve photographed all types of homes and properties, and understand how to capture the marketable parts of a home to help it sell or rent. Each image is a composite of several bracketed photos that brings out all the details in each space.

Event Photography

Grandmother taking cell phone photo of girl with face painted

I’ve been an entertainer working at parties and events since 1989. This event experience can help me to understand the flow of your event and capture both special moments as they unfold. 

Miscellaneous Photos

Flock of Egrets gathered in small pool 01

I’m an avid wildlife and nature photographer, but I also can do family & pet portraits, commercial photography, and more. I am always striving to learn and improve my skills as a photographer and photo editor.

Stretch & Company - photography, balloon art, face painting, and wood crafts

Looking for balloon art, face painting and more. Click the Stretch & Company logo to visit our entertainment web site.

Stretch's Inflated Humor - fun shirts, products, and more

Want to buy some fun clothing, home decor, and more featuring fun balloon art or beautiful photographs? Head to Stretch’s Inflated Humor for a great selection of gifts.

Woodcrafts by Stretch - photo frames, planters, photographs, and more

Head to Woodcrafts by Stretch to buy handmade picture frames, planters, and other woodworking crafts. You can also choose from a large selection of beautiful photos for your frames.




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