Product Photography

Do you have products that you need photographed for your web site, catalog, posters or advertising? Product photography is definitely something that I can do. I will position your products to showcase their features and then edit the photos to make the products stand out and grab the attention of potential clients or customers.

Lighting is critical in bringing out textures, colors, and other features of your products. With an understanding of light, shadows, color temperatures, and white balance, I will make sure that your images present the best features of your products while maintaining colors that accurately represent them.

Check out some sample images in the Product Photos gallery, and then click the button below to Contact Me about making your product shine with beautiful photos.

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Product photography - gray wedge sandals

Photography options

Studion Photos

If you have small to medium sized items that are easily transported, I can pick them up and photograph them in my studio. I will photograph the products and return them as quickly as possible, while taking utmost care to ensure they are returned in exactly same condition as received.

Location Photos

What if you don’t want the items to leave your home, shop, or warehouse, or if they are too large for my studio? That’s not a problem, I can come to your location to take the photos. I have portable studio lighting and reflectors that I can bring with me to supplement natural and available light to bring out the best in your products.


The cost of your photos varies depending on how many products you need photographed and whether or not they will need special editing. Contact me so we can discuss your needs and help you get beautiful photos of your products that will help increase your sales today.

Product photography - black leather jacket front

Spilled bottle of large white capsules on black

Product Photography - brown and black purse