Photo Editing

Photo editing in Photoshop is another passion of mine that goes hand-in-hand with photography. I’ve been editing photos and creating art in Photoshop since I got my first copy of Photoshop 2.5 back in the mid-1990s. Whether you need a photo enhanced to bring out its colors and beauty, several photos composited into one larger photo, or a background or elements removed from a photo, I can do it. Click the button below to Contact Me and find out I can help with your photo editing needs.

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Photo Enhancing

Our eyes are much better at interpreting the world around us that our cameras, and as a result, sometimes our photos don’t quite convey the scene before us. I can take your photos and bring out the colors and make them shine a little brighter. This generally involves just bringing out the beauty in the photo, but I can also artistically change the photo by changing colors, hues, white balance, and more.

While I can do a lot to enhance a photo, please be aware that there are limitations. I can’t make a blurry or out of focus photo tack sharp. There are some things I can do to sharpen it a little, but there is only so much that be done, and some of the actions often have some negative effects on the overall look of the photo. Also, jpeg photos have already been processed to some degree by your camera, and have also been compressed, so I can’t do as much to enhance them as I can with a RAW photo file.

Rocks stacked by a dead tree near a lake shore at sunset

Photo Editing - compositing

Photo Compositing

Compositing is the art of taking several photos and combing them, or elements of them into one seamless photo. This process can be used to create a photo like the one featured on my balloon twisting DVD “On the Road with Stretch shown on the left. The van I “sitting” in is actually a tiny toy less than 2 inches long. It appears to be sitting in my driveway, and the nose of the vehicle behind it is a full-sized car. The photo is comprised of 3 photos – 1 of the toy car, one of me sitting in a chair, and a third photo of my driveway.

Another use of compositing is to take multiple photos and combine them into a wide panorama photo like the one of the baseball field below. This photo is also a combination of 3 photos that were taken behind home plate, with each focused on a different section of the field. All three were combined to create the panorama photos that is much wider than a normal photo straight out of the camera.

Panorama of empty baseball field at night from behind home pate

These are just some examples of what is possible in photo editing. If you have some photos you would like me to work on, or have questions, please click the Contact Me button below and I’ll get back to you to discuss your request.
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