Photo Galleries

Thank you for visiting my photo galleries page. I have broken my photos down into categories to make them easier to sort through. I hope you enjoy viewing these photographs as much as I enjoyed capturing the images. If you are interested in purchasing copies of my photos, please click the link at the bottom of this page to visit my shop on Etsy.

Close up of an intimidating stare of a silverback gorilla looking directly into the lens of the camera on a sunny day


Wild animals that you might encounter at the zoo, in the wild, or maybe even in your backyard.

A Great Blue Heron balancing on one leg on a cement barrier in a parking lot with a marina full of boats and sailboats in the background.


Photos of our beautiful, feathered, flying friends.


Fields, meadows, pastures, cityscapes, and more.

Queen Butterfly with her beautiful orange, black, and white wings together as she uses her long, curved tongue to search for flower nectar.

Flowers & Insects

Flowers, butterflies, honeybees, and more.

Colorful collection of pink, green, yellow, and blue inflated balloon poodle dogs with their reflection on a mirror against a black background.

Balloon Art

Photos of objects that you might find around your home or office.

Long exposure photo of the lights of the Dallas, Texas skyline reflecting on the flooded Trinity River with trees in the river silhouetted by the glowing reflection.

Night Photos

Long exposure photos of landscapes, city scenes and more, all taken at night.

Single brown horse with a white blaze on its forehead grazing on the green grass of a ranch pasture with trees in the horizon beneath a mostly cloudy summer afternoon.

Farm Animals

Domesticated animals you would expect to find on a farm or ranch, such as horses and cows.

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A shop containing a number of my photos available to buy in a variety of sizes.


Photos of miscellaneous objects that you might find around your home or office.

I have a collection of photos, and hand crafted frames to put them in, available for sale on my Etsy shop. If you see a photo, or several photos, that you would like to purchase, please head to my Etsy shop and visit appropriate section. If you see a photo on this page that is not listed in my shop that you would like to buy, please message me with information about the photo so I can add it to my shop. If you can include a screen shot of the photo, that will help greatly. Click the image above to head to and check out my shop.