Photography by Stretch

Nature Photography

Intimidating Stare from Silver Back Gorilla
Honey Bee flying near purple Thistle Flower
Closeup of White Cockatoo biting on a stick it's holding in its foot
Beautiful female Mallard Duck by water
Pair of Pink Water Lilies covered with water drops after a rain
Single yellow Water Lily on wet lily pads
Brown Pelican flying low over waves on a beach
Bright orange collection of miniature pumpkins
Squirrel standing in grass eating a pecan
Closeup of Green Iguana showing the brilliant yellow eye colors
Pattern created by ends of stacked, cut firewood
Closeup profile photo of a reticulated giraffe head
Orange and White Rose in full bloom
Cluster of dark purple grapes hanging on a vineyard branch
Closeup of a beautiful Black Swallowtail Butterfly
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