A passion for photography

Since I took my first photography class in high school, I’ve been both fascinated and captivated by the art of capturing images, first on film, and then later digitally. I’ve spent countless hours behind the lens and at the computer processing images, and learning how to improve my skills and knowledge of photography. I earned a certificate in Professional Photography through the New York Institute of Photography, and continually seek to improve my knowledge and skills daily. My understanding of how cameras work has grown, but I still find the process of capturing images a bit magical and love the entire process of taking photos, processing them digitally to bring out their beauty, and then sharing them with others. I would love to share the magic of painting with light with you.

Photography is truly a passion of mine. Whether you need event photography, family or senior portraits, real estate photos, product images, lessons, or something else, I can help you. Contact me today to find out more.

Event Photography

Cell phone cameras have improved over the years, and the quality of their photos has followed suit. That said, do you really want to spend your time at your special event trying to capture all the special moments with your phone? What about hoping that not only will your guests get some good shots, but that they will also remember to share them with you after the event? An event photographer with a quality camera, a good understanding of the flow of events, knowledge of photo composition, and the ability to process the photos to bring out the best in them will guarantee that you get a larger number or beautiful, quality photos from your event. Knowing that a professional photographer is at your event documenting special memories will free you up to enjoy yourself and your party more freely.

Services Offered

Event Photography

Family, Pet, Senior, and Environmental Portraits

Real Estate and Property Photos

Product Photography

Product Photography

Photo Editing

Photography Lessons

Whatever the specialty, I’ve got it covered!